• Jessica is on a sabbatical until the end of 2017 Jessica is on a sabbatical until the end of 2017
  • Jessica Seet Jessica Seet Founder of AOV - Voice & Speech Coach, Accent Reduction & Speech Delivery Coach
  • Voice and Speech Programmes Voice and Speech Programmes The Voice Spa: Voice Power & Speech Confidence™ by JESSICA SEET
    Advanced Voice Spa: Voice Power & Presence™ by JESSICA SEET
    Speak Clearly: Crisp Clear Pronunciation™ by JESSICA SEET
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by Jessica Seet
Signature Programme - The Voice Spa: Voice & Speech Confidence™

Also open for Corporate bookings

Speak Clearly: Crisp Clear Pronunciation™:
Corporate bookings only



  • “Jessica is engaging, sustaining high energy and passion all the time. She is knowledgeable and gives very excellent advice."

    Taro Yamaguchi

  • “[The Voice Spa] is excellent in building the fundamentals of my vocal cords. Will definitely sign up for the advance course!"

    Ng Kim Siang Adrian

  • “Jessica has great articulation and knowledge on how to use the human body to project your voice."

    Benjamin Mok, Deputy Manager, Bank of Tokyo

  • “Jessica was precise, clear and provides appropriate examples and illustrations. The workshop was interesting and i found that I could apply the techniques after practising on my own."

    Lai Yin Mei, Manager, Bank of Tokyo

  • “(Voice Acting 101) is a very good workshop that gives an introduction to a few core basics of voice acting”

    Samuel Goh

  • “Jessica is a good speaker and is very engaging. I enjoy the vocal drills and feedback for the exercises.”

    Tay Jun Hao

  • “The program is consistent and Jessica engages everyone at all times. She is able to address each weakness for improvements."

    Fionna Ali

  • “Jessica has a strong connection with us. She has the ability to make the learning enjoyable, meaningful and can hold the attention of the class for the full day. I enjoy learning the vowels and understanding the different sound emphasis.”

    Vivian Chew

  • “Jessica has the knowledge and skill to actually demonstrate the sound and to identify the incorrect pronunciation. I enjoy being able to pronounce on my own and getting improved in person."

    Yuji Ueda, MUFG

  • “Jessica is knowledgeable and an expert in the subject. She is able to diagnose your problems on the spot. The Voice Spa is excellent and I highly recommend it!”

    Heidi Neo, CPF Board

  • “Jessica is engaging, encouraging and very experienced. I liked that there are many practical exercises which we can do & “take away”. I super enjoy both days of training!”

    Jacqueline Juay, AIA

  • “Jessica practices what she teaches. An example to her students, she is able to spot each and every students’ problem(s).”

    Emily Tan, CPF Board

  • “Jessica make the lessons enjoyable. She’s able to clearly explain the techniques very well.”

    Hairinnisa Ja'affar, CPF Board

  • “Jessica is a very engaging instructor. What I love most was learning about articulation as I discovered a lot of mistakes that I have been making every time I speak! But now, I’ve learnt on how to address them.”

    Tan Hui Yian

  • “Jessica is very energetic and very funny. She makes everyone feels comfortable. I took great interest in getting to know more about the projection and colour of our voices. ”

    Irwin Soh

  • “Jessica has the ability to keep the class interesting and has the knowledge to explain the subject clearly. She also pays attention to each individuals! I also took delight in learning about the common mistakes that people often make.”

    Sherry Tan, SMOU

  • “Jessica has strong foundation on her knowledge of the subject matter. I enjoyed the engagement between the speakers & the participants as we get our own mistakes corrected. It’s an excellent workshop and I will strongly recommend it! ”

    Subrina Ng

  • “Jessica is very knowledgeable and she has a very good voice. she is engaging and is not afraid to share her comments. The recording of voice was a very interesting way to understand our vocal weaknesses and strengths.”

    Agnes Koh

  • “Jessica is very knowledgeable on the subject matter! She taught us the right way of breathing and I realized that we've been breathing wrongly for the past years of our lives!”

    Vernice Ong, INSEAD

  • “Jessica is clear, energetic and engaging us all the time on the subject matter. Excellent personal voice coaching, personable, exude warmth and confidence. Very encouraging, definitely making an impact on my learning journey. I learnt a lot from the personal coaching time during all the exercise. Picked up tips and being aware of what are areas to improve on to have quality voice. I like the venue, accessibility and relaxed, cozy training room. Very good session, felt very inspired.”

    Yip Peck Ngoh, MSF

  • “Aside from Jessica's social and vocal skills which she demonstrated admirably, she was surprisingly observant and sharp and could spot and tackle individual errors like a bulls eye. She helped us remember by emphasizing particular points, in a very discreet but efficient manner. I get to vocalise without fear of criticism. This was a fun and effective class, and a nice break from work – not only gave me rest but it improved my oral skills!”

    Evelyn Luar

  • “Clear, interesting and enthusiastic. Excellent class. Jessica made learning phonetics and proper pronunciation, normally very dry topics, interesting and fun.”

    Michelle Chiam, Allen & Gledhill LLP

  • “Jessica is patient and nurturing. I enjoy the practical experiences and drills and the knowledge that I can bring home to apply back at work/home. This class is highly recommended to enhance the articulation skills.”

    Sharon Chua, INSEAD

  • “Excellent programme! Money well spent! I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone I konw. Jessica was able to engage with particiapants. She is absolutely committed and passionate about what she is imparting to us.”

    Kay Ang, The Bodyshop

  • “Jessica is passionate and delivers with conviction and belief in the cirriculum. The knowledge transfer was amazing! She was able to spot mistakes with precision and offer more than textbook knowledge. Life changing workshop for me! Thanks Jessica!”

    Edric Poon

  • “Jessica was able to build the exercises into part of the daily routine. She also makes introverted participants comfortable. This was a high energy course and I would strongly recommend it to my friends/colleagues.”

    Tan Ser Kin, MSF

  • “Jessica is an amazing coach. Sharp, funny, enthusiastic, encouraging. She gave very useful, helpful and targeted advice. Great course- potentially life changing.”

    Sarah Soh, MSF

  • “Jessica has the ability to pin-point areas for improvement with guided coaching and spirited encouragement. I really enjoyed the rare opportunity of learning with my son and a great group of people! Thank you, Jessica!”

    Christina Ong, Image Consultant and Trainer, Imageworks Pte Ltd

  • “I'm amazed at how varying your volume, pitch and length of your words can influence the message you are trying to put across.”

    Bryant Tay, Student, Victoria Junior College

  • “Jessica has simplified the technique to make it easier and faster for us to learn and understand.”

    Alison Chan, Chan's Marketing Pte Ltd

  • “Jessica can read people's minds. She introduces really effective technical tips which helps us improve. There's none of that fluff! I actually improved in just 2 days! It was life changing! I wish I attended this course when I was much younger.”

    Shawn Wong, Project Manager, Dimension Data

  • “Jessica was able to engage the participants and correct each and everyone on the spot making learning very effective. A "must-take" course for anyone who wants to learn to speak proper English.”

    Ong Jin Hui

  • “Jessica is extremely dedicated and goes the extra mile to ensure we learn the right pronunciation. Best course I've attended ever. Very useful skills I've learnt. Infact, I went home last night and recommended more friends to come.”

    Jayne Yeo, Manager, Ministry of Manpower

  • “Jessica has a pleasant personality, is highly motivating and full of energy. she is able to inspire participants to speak beautifully like her and she is willing to share and teach. I learnt how to pronouce words and got to learn phonetics without losing my patience. She was able to capture 100% of my attention. I wish I had attended the Speak Clearly workshop earlier!”

    Michelle Grace Gabriel, Account Executive

  • “Speak To Influence is an excellent programme that has encourage me to speak more confidently.”

    Adarsh Arun, Student

  • “Dynamic Presentations was a wonderful workshop! I learnt something new and did not expect to see this side of presentations”

    Ahmad Zhafir, Darul Arqam

  • “Jessica provides very honest feedback & has certainly helped me in understanding my weaknesses”

    Eddie Teo, Seatoen Holdings

  • “Jessica is clear and she allows participants time to practise what was taught in class.”

    Dawn Koh

  • “Jessica hits the right buttons when evaluating the recordings. She delivers the feedback very directly but positively! She has a great way of getting students to understand/improve on techniques, with a good balance of theory versus practical. I had a great time, thank you!”

    Madeleine Tan, Associate Director, Temasek Management Services Pte Ltd

  • “Jessica has deep knowledge, stemming from years of experience. She was able to identify and correct the areas for improvement in each participant. This was so worthwhile, thank you! The work that you do has a very positive impact on people!”

    Rohit Bhattacharya, Director, Temasek Management Services Pte Ltd

  • “Jessica has the ability to NOT put people down and allow them to learn earnestly."

    Angeline Justesen

  • “Jessica presents good examples and explains very clearly. She's very interesting too! She keeps the class engaged and attentive. The Voice Spa is a very good class, i have benefited alot from it. I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues!”

    Low Choon Kia, Seatown Holdings

  • "Jessica is excellent, motivating and inspiring. She is very patient and determined to understand and correct each participant's mistakes. She always uses examples to demonstrate and explain her points, thus allowing me to understand and remember better. I really enjoyed the tools and techniques taught during the 2 days of The Voice Spa, especially the voice recording and review as it really helped me realise the mistakes I've been making with my speech. The course has been absolutely beneficial, will definitely recommend this to everyone!"

    Ranjini Arun Kumar, CPF Board

  • ”Jessica was very clear with what she wanted to deliver in The Voice Spa. The different exercises that we tried really could help to improve us. Awesome workshop!”

    Samantha, Ministry of Defence

  • ” Jessica was very articulate and very good at what she does. Excellent and knowledgeable, the Voice Spa was very enlightening.”

    Vijay Kumar, HSBC

  • ” It was a very enlightening day to know more about strength and power of your voice. The Voice Spa workshop is really very good.”

    Jyothilakshmi Krishna Pillai, Central Provident Fund Board

  • ” Jessica has good vocal ability, she makes things very interesting to listen and act on the day of The Voice Spa Workshop!”

    Santhana K Santhalakhsmi, Central Provident Fund Board

  • ”Jessica is very clear, expressive, passionate and purposeful. I learnt proper pronunciation during the Crisp Clear Pronunciation workshop, which was something I have never learned before.”

    Jeffery Sung, Relationship Manager, DBS

  • ”Jessica gave great examples of the techniques that she taught during the Crisp Clear Pronunciation workshop which allowed me to remember them effectively.”

    Veronica Tay, Voice Talent, Voices For Hire

  • ”Jessica had the ability to help the students internalise and remember the key focus of the Crisp Clear Pronunciation Workshop. I enjoyed the practical and interactive aspect of the workshop. Overall, there was great teaching and fantastic contents.”

    Jacqueline Chan, HP

  • ”Jessica’s presentation on The Voice Spa Day 1 was fun to listen to! Many new amazing facts. She was able to get the listeners’ attention as well as maintaining it, describing her points very clearly and effectively.”

    Meryl Munara, Student

  • ” Jessica has very extensive knowledge in voice and speeches and she makes use of classic examples to identify mistakes. Very fun and engaging class, great job!”

    Yu Hong Chen, Sourcing Specialist, Rio Tinto

  • ” Jessica is very clear and very sharp in identifying our strengths and weaknesses that were portrayed in our voices. I enjoyed everything from this course.”

    Lisa Liong

  • ”Jessica could deliver her message clearly, she’s a funny, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. I really REALLY learnt a lot from this course (The Voice Spa), so many things I hadn’t known before coming here :D”

    Meryl Munara, Student

  • ” Approachable, she knows her stuff!”

    Julius Chua, Voice Talent, Voices for Hire

  • ” Very clear in her delivery & keeps the lessons very interesting.”

    Keh Hui Peng

  • ”Extremely charismatic! Very entertaining! Really enjoyed how she approached the topic in sucha fun light!”

    Natalie Wong, Art of Voice

  • ” Light-hearted delivery, simplified content, and makes it very easy to digest.”

    Davy Loo

  • ” Jessica was very thorough; she made sure each of us understood our mistakes and gave great tips to correct it. Her extensive experience enables her to accurately pin-point the speech areas we are lacking in.”

    Felicia Chng

  • ”Very useful to improve speech power!”

    Chew Kok Liang, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

  • ” Able to pin-point weakness and provide adequate ways/ solutions to correct. Enjoyed using the wine cock to pronounce words!”

    Steven Ho, Neptune Oriental Line (NOL)

  • Julius Chua, Voice Talent, Art of Voice

  • "Jessica teaches with passion and help us to become better. She is willing and is open to questions and listens to what we have to say. There was also lots of learning about my own voice.”

    Caroline Lie, Business Process Consultant, Nothern Trust

  • "Extremely engaging and knowledgeable! Jessica cab identify anyone’s strengths and eaknesses in a blink of an eye!”

    Natalie Wong, Admin and Marketing Assistant, Art Of Voice

  • "Energetic! Knowledgeable! Gave clear examples.”

    Keok Tong San, Singapore Police Force

  • "Excellent motivator that is able to give great insights on my speech delivery. Lessons were fun and not dull or overly packed with content.”

    Felicia Chng

  • "We got to record our own voice in a professional studio!”

    Royce Lee, Student, SMU

  • "I really enjoyed the interactivity of the entire course and how we got to immediately put what we’ve learnt into practice. Makes voice-acting very real for us.”

    Daniel Lee, Student, SMU

  • ”Extremely energetic and definitely a qualified trainer!”

    Brenda Ng, Marketing Executive, Art Of Voice

  • ”Enjoyed learning the finer points on being an emcee, especially the mindset of the audience and how to look confident.”

    Loke Yuen, Engineer, Applied Materials

  • "It’s amazing how so much can be completed in one day during the Speak Clearly workshop. I enjoyed how Jessica is so enthusiastic and patient at the same time, as well as the part where we need to record our own voices. The individual critiques were very helpful.”

    Rin Ellyanie Ramlan, Student, Temasek Polytechnic

  • ”The Speak Clearly workshop helps to build good foundation skills and it helps to apply to daily conversation and work life.”

    Coco Koh, Accountant, KLA-Tencor Pte Ltd

  • ”Jessica is very patient with the students and shows a lot of enthusiasm in conducting the Speak Clearly Workshop.”

    Matthew Poh, Contract Manager, Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

  • ”Detailed analogy and review of every individual’s abilities as well as suggestions to improve. Great content- keep it up!”

    Murphy Yap, Landscape Architect, Cicada

  • ”Fun class and at the same time learning practical tips to project my voice, confidence and how to structure our presentations. Good size and there is good advice for all to improve!”

    Tan Seng Seng, Landscape Architect, Cicada

  • ”It was very entertaining. I liked the part when we had to present our project conversationally. Thank you for being light and funny. It helped me relax more in speaking in front of an audience.”

    Claire Villanueva, Landscape Architect, Cicada

  • "I really enjoyed the recording exercise as it provides very good feedback and makes you aware of your areas for improvement.”

    Virginie Barbier, Bereauveritas

  • "The recording and playing back of our voices helped to uncover our common mistakes that we weren’t aware of!”

    Evans Yin

  • "Really enjoyed the 2-days programme. Jessica is very passionate in delivering her knowledge. Very personal and makes everyone inclusive. Thank you!!”

    Rui She, Fitness Trainer, Les Mills Asia Pacific

  • "The practical applications of the lessons taught and learning about the funny mistakes we don’t realise about ourselves were the most enjoyable. Very engaging and entertaining delivery of lesson.”

    Evans Yin

  • "Really enjoyed it and looking forward to Day 2. Feedback on individual speaking was spot on.”

    Rue She, Les Mills Asia Pacific

  • "The practical participatory sessions are the most enjoyable. The workshop has been very interesting and I think it would benefit me greatly.”

    Grace Chua, Ministry of Home Affairs

  • "The emcee class was good and I would like to attend other courses."

    Woo Khai Hoe, Standard Chartered Bank

  • "It was very enjoyable and I am pleasantly surprised that the emcee class was so informative."

    Wong Kai Yun, Chia Wong LLP

  • "Insightful, structured and handy (not overwhelming textbook answers) techniques to being a powerful emcee."

    Danial Fadzlon, Darul Arqam Singapore

  • "Brilliant programme. I left feeling more aware of the significance of preparation, how to motivate others and how to direct the audience when emceeing. Good format, examples and practical demonstrations."

    Mohamad Zaky Jailani, Darul Arqam Singapore

  • "Role-playing as emcees helps gel and seal all that has been taught."

    Kenneth Chan, SIM

  • "During the emcee class, the videos and practical examples of how to apply it to my situation makes it easy for anyone who practises it to become a functioning or even fluent emcee."

    Lydia Yeo, SIM

  • “I really liked how common mistakes were identified and corrected during Speak Clearly: Crisp Clear Pronunciation. I didn’t even know that I was guilty of those mistakes until the class! The group size was small and every individual gets personal interaction and with Jessica.”

    Janice Goh, People’s Association

  • “I really enjoyed the recording assessment; it made me identify my speech mistakes. Jessica delivered professionally and has a lot of authentic personal experiences to relate to the subject matter. As a result, the lesson was much more interesting!

    Jerine Chng, Lecturer, ITE

  • “After attending countless of speech courses, The Voice Spa/Jessica is the first to have ever helped me with mouth and tongue positioning to achieve clarity in my speech. Jessica is amazing! This course is not just theoretical, it is practical and personal!”

    Jessie Yao, Infineum

  • ”I really enjoyed the practices and the individual sharing sessions we had with Jessica during the workshop. I will definitely recommend my Toastmasters members to attend this awesome course. I will be back for more!”

    Mark Eugene Han, Workplace Safety and Health Council

  • ” I really enjoyed the fact that the class was personal yet open. It made it easier to ask questions and clarify concerns. The class was overall useful and I look forward to articulating my words with purpose and meaning. Thank you very much, Jessica!”

    Angela Sujadi

  • “I really enjoyed The Voice Spa’s hands-on approach on discovering the mistakes and flaws in our speech. The advice given by Jessica was personalised and practical.”

    Mary Chacko, Ministry of Defence

  • “I really enjoyed The Voice Spa as it was an interactive class and Jessica gave really useful feedback. Her energy is infectious and her dedication is inspiring.”

    Joan Wong

  • “The Voice Spa is a very unique & positive programme. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues!”

    Eng Se-Hsieng

  • "I really enjoyed the light-hearted environment and the interactive nature of the workshop"

    Eric Ong, Teacher

  • “I really liked how the class is small enough for the trainer to concentrate on each individual, correcting their mistakes. This course has been really insightful!”

    Adam Osman, Host/Emcee

  • “I really enjoyed the segment where Jessica highlighted and gave us suggestion on our voice problems/issues. She’s really an attentive trainer. I am now able to identify my flaws and apply the right techniques to correct my pronunciations of words. The course is fantastic!”

    Kelly Kwa, Nokia

  • “I really liked how The Voice Spa is very practical and comprehensive!”

    Yutaka, TriOptima

  • “I really loved how it’s so informative & helpful. Everything I learned today was never taught by my teachers. The best part is that it sticks in my memory! Thank you Jessica!”

    David Alex Lee, Student

  • “The dictionary is going to be my best friend after attending Crisp Clear Pronunciation!”

    Desmond Loo, MINDEF

  • “I really enjoyed how clear & concise the representation of the phonetic chart of each symbol was; from the beginning to the end. Extremely insightful!”

    Su-Yin, English Teacher

  • “Everything! Never knew English could be this exciting!”

    Amrit Kaur, Student

  • “I really enjoyed the wine cork exercises. It really helped me realise how lazy my tongue is!”

    Kellyn Goh, Student

  • “I really enjoyed the “recording exercise & assessments” where we learnt our mistakes on the spot. The course was fun and interactive. Jessica’s experiences were useful and beneficial. Professional and definitely the best course I have attended all these years!”

    Linda Syn

  • “I really enjoyed the recording and playbacks of our videos during Voice Power & Presence, it really helped me to spot my mistakes. There was never a dull moment throughout! I’m very happy that I signed up for all 3 courses.

    Lillian Lee

  • “Just listening to Jessica is a treat! She is an engaging and terrific speaker with her beautiful voice, flawless flow and rhythm. This is indeed an enjoyable session that will be beneficial for speakers.”

    Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

  • “What I enjoyed most about the workshop is the group synergy and along with Jessica, we helped each other as well. And most definitely, the instructor. A very informative, enlightening and fun workshop.”

    Goh Wei Ying, Lydia, Student

  • “Although it is very basic, I find it very thorough. It is an eye-opener.”

    Tan Juan Hing, HR

  • “Being able to understand how our bodies work first, was a good fundamental start to learn how to help our voices be better. Good constructive feedback for participants. Thank you for such a useful workshop.”

    Winnie, HR

  • “I learnt about the power of voice and the impact it can make on my life. This is an excellent course that I would strongly recommend to my colleagues to sign up.”

    John Lee, Property Consultant

  • “It’s fun, very engaging, interesting and enjoyable! I felt very comfortable to make mistakes and to learn from it. Jessica made me feel relaxed and eager to learn more from her class.”

    Dez Soh

  • “It is interactive and has lots of individual time as well for more personal coaching.”

    Soon Lai Pheng, Deputy Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • “Practical, easy to understand and follow.”

    Francis Lam

  • “Having learnt how to decode words from the dictionary which was never taught in school.”

    Jason Lim

  • “A very subtle way to introduce us to phonetics. Allowing and teaching us not to be frightened by it.”

    Ho Eng Soon

  • “Finally I’m able to read out the words with confidence which I’ve had difficulties with in the past. Thank you for having such courses, Jessica.”

    Janet Soon

  • “The phonetics is a revelation in the intermediate Speak Clearly Workshop.”

    Jeffrey Tan

  • “I learnt how to pronounce and speak confidently! It is excellent!”

    Chee Seng Huan, Vet

  • “I learnt the different techniques to improve my communication skills with simple and easy tips. It is an excellent and an interactive style course that truly helps discovers our weaknesses and corrects them.”

    Rawaf Radjaie, Banking & Finance, Barclays Capital

  • “I did not know there was so much to learn!”

    Tan Wee Ping, Brand Manager, WWF

  • “I enjoyed the parts where I could identify the areas where I have to improve & was given solutions on how to improve them”

    Lim Mui Kim, Marketing Manager

  • “It is practical and very hands on. Overall, a very enjoyable session!”

    Heng Paul Ling, Accountant, Temasek Holdings

  • “I found ways and steps to correct my bad habits. The Voice Spa made me more aware of my strengths & weakness. A wonderful course!”

    Seng Guan, Engineer

  • “The practical exercises are excellent!”

    Vincent Cheong, Sales

  • “I liked the part where Jessica addresses the issue of anxiety and she offers very practical tips in addressing voice issues.”

    Benjamin Ng, Contents Editor

  • “The activities were very interesting & recording and listening to our own speech was very helpful as it made me more aware of my mistakes.”

    Kellyn Goh, Student

  • “The Voice Spa helped point out my errors and faults that I make subconsciously when I speak. A very useful course.”

    Daphlyn Goh, Student

  • “The Voice Spa brought to light the mistakes I’ve been making that my friends have been subtly been telling me. The content is easy to absorb and easily applicable. What I have learnt so far, will go a long way to support my career!”

    Ie Ming Chen, Director, Connected Anywhere Pte Ltd

  • “Great course! I did not realise how important it was to nurture my voice. I benefitted a lot from this excellent workshop. You need to attend this!”

    Dr Barath Chandra

  • “Fun, interesting and lively! I had an enjoyable and an instructive first day. The 2 day sessions was packed with information, practices and individual attention. Looking forward to coming back!”

    Nilanjana Sengupta, Journalist, Singapore Press Holdings

  • “Jessica’s commitment for improvement in her participants and the awareness of the English Language. I loved the overall experience and definitely a change would occur.”

    Muhammad Hafidz Bin Baharuddin, NSF

  • “I enjoyed the fun sessions thoroughly & it was easy to learn and apply. I benefitted greatly from this course.”

    Kwok Siu Ling, Trainer, Essentially Meridian

  • “Very interactive. Everyone has an opportunity to speak up and practice in class. And the feedback from Jessica is personalised!”

    Sheryl Wong, Trainer, Say It Wright

  • “The activities provided gave us the chance to practice techniques and it has been awesome! I loved how some things as technical as speech, can be delivered in such a fun manner.”

    Holly Siow, Student

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the personal critique on our speech patterns, especially the yawing exercises! After learning about using pauses in sentences, it made my speech easier to understand.”

    John Siow, Student

  • “The recording and critique portion of the session gave me an idea of where I need to improve. A good course and thanks Jessica for your efforts!”

    Paul Goh, Salesman, DHL

  • “I get to practice reading correctly, having my weakness highlighted and I am more aware of my speech. By reading out aloud, I get to fine tune my voice and this made me realise my weaknesses. It was very enjoyable and I benefitted through this course.”

    Loke Tshee Yeen, Trainer, Abacus International Pte Ltd

  • “The tips given by Jessica are absolutely useful and practical in any context. SPLAT exercise was the most interesting. I learnt a lot through all the practical exercises. Keep it up, Jessica! You have been very encouraging.”

    Jessica Cheong Kum Foong, Singapore Prison

  • “I enjoyed the practical side of learning. The course was interesting and lively! The review of the voice recording helps enormously. By attending this course, it has helped me take away some irrational fear about how others judge me for who I am.”

    Richard Koh, Singapore Prison

  • “I learnt many other ways to express oneself and a much more accurate pronunciation. Hearing my own voice, allowed me to be aware of my mistakes.”

    Ken Choy, Banker, Royal Bank of Scotland

  • “Jessica allowed me to identify the flaws in my speech and recognise areas for improvement. I also discovered new traits for a successful speech. It has been a great learning journey. There is now hope for effective speech. I loved Jessica’s positive attitude!”

    Lennard Wu, Mindef

  • "I enjoyed clearing up age old doubts about the pronunciation of various words!”

    Alan Poh, ACP Computer

  • "From the Speak Clearly workshop, I learnt phonetics & pronouncing words right. I especially enjoyed the drills, meeting people & the method in which the vowels were taught!”

    Christina Siow, Hewlett Packard

  • "Very inspiring & refreshing! This is a course that not many vendors provide in the market. It’s excellent! The presentation slides used simple words & were visually impactful. I’ll definitely improve my communications skills!”

    Allen Cheong, Banker, Daiwa Capital Markets

  • “Jessica, you are hilarious, a natural. The sessions are very interesting!”

    Nancy Loh, Freelance Teacher

  • “It was interesting and enriching to learn the sounds of words. I enjoyed the practices, phrasing of sentences and diaphragm exercises. Through the sessions, I’ve gained valuable feedback.”

    Veronica Barbara, Counseller

  • “I like that the training is light and practical. No intense note taking or info overload. Jessica is really engaging. Her passion just shows!”

    Pauline Ee, Microsoft

  • “I liked hearing myself and spotting my mistakes. I enjoyed everything and the voice pledge!”

    Ho Eng Soon, Planning Manager

  • “I'm grateful that my weaknesses were pointed out and Jessica teaches with such passion and cares about our progress and development. Thanks Jessica! I enjoyed the class very much. She was able to engage us from the beginning to the end of the course. I learnt a lot of new tips. An excellent course and trainer!”

    Christina Siow, Hwelett Packard

  • “I benefitted from the level of engagement of the audience and the passion that she showed in her classes! I also enjoyed the high interaction and strong encouragement given, whilst speaking about potentially embarrassing topics.”

    Stephen Ho, Program Manager

  • “I liked Jessica’s energy and ability to convince us how to articulate and phrase.”

    Elisha Low, Microsoft

  • “The articulation exercises were intensive and enlightening. I appreciated the emphasis on breathing techniques and the analysis of each participant’s weaknesses and strengths. Jessica provides practical exercises and the case studies are useful feedback for participants. Very informative and interesting!”

    Mong Soon Ping

  • “The workshop is interesting, accurate, to the point and perceptive of source of voice problems.”

    Cheryl Yong, Assistant Manager, Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore

  • “The reading exercise allowed me to identify my voice strengths and weaknesses. It was interesting to be more aware of our voice quality.”

    Christine Chua, Learning & Development Manager

  • “I managed to find out and discover where my weaknesses were. It was a great workshop and I enjoyed it tremendously.”

    Sandy Tan, Banking Analyst

  • “I enjoyed the articulation and script reading. To be able to hear my own voice was also very revealing and insightful. Excellent! Jessica is extremely likeable and professional. Love her!”

    Eric Feng, Corporate Trainer

  • “It was a fantastic workshop! I did not regret signing up for this programme.”

    Fabian Lim, Trainer, The Body Shop

  • “There were hands-on exercises that corrected old habits I didn’t realise I had. The course and exercises are very helpful and applicable to my life.”

    Kelly Lee, Marketing Manager, Colgate Palmolive

  • “Jessica managed to do a lot of 1-to-1 despite the number of people in the workshop! Definitely a great course for starters!”

    Merisa J. Lee, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

  • “The course is great! I’ve learnt many new things that I didn’t take note of in daily life, for example, proper breathing.”

    Lim Siew Yen, Engineer, Ministry of Home Affairs

  • “There’s a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises. I knew that I found speaking tiring because I wasn’t breathing correctly, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Now I know how to change my bad habits.”

    Kelvin Yong, Senior Prison Officer

  • “Awesome energy from the trainer and the setting of the lesson is in the right comfort and ease.”

    Lynn Ong, Account Executive, Fonterra

  • “I discovered many things about my voice and speech that needs to be drastically changed. What I enjoyed most about The Voice Spa is the practicality and reality of essential truths I have not known before, and how that will transform my voice, my life and my career. This is, and will be, life-changing!”

    Blessie Keegel, Radio DJ, Sri-Lanka

  • “Undervalued programme! Great content & Mastery!”

    Ken Chee, Public Speaker

  • “It is amazing to learn the different phonetic symbols. I did not know that spelling actually tells us ‘nothing’.”

    Tricia Lim, Asst. Finance Manager, Unilever

  • “Jessica understands each of our problems very well and is very patient in correcting our mistakes. This is the course I’ve been waiting for. It is simply excellent! I have definitely gained a lot of confidence in my speech after completing the Speak Clearly programme.”

    Serene Lum-Shepherd, Banker

  • “I got to know the mistakes that I have made for many years!”

    Kellyn Yeo, Sales Analyst, Tyco Fire and Building Products Asia

  • “I enjoyed the session very much. Jessica is very encouraging and patient. The whole class is also fun and enthusiastic to learn.”

    Petrina Tan, Entrepreneur

  • “We need this renaissance after what Singlish has done to the English language.”

    Moira Anne Lesslar, Assistant Director, Office of Career Services, Singapore Management University

  • “The interaction and engagement between the speaker and the audience is what I enjoyed most about The Voice Spa! This course definitely gave me more confidence to project my voice as well as greater knowledge of my own voice!”

    Vera Tan, Manager, UOB-SMU Entrepreneurship Alliance, Singapore Management University

  • “What I enjoyed most about The Voice Spa is the fun learning. Everyone gets to participate in the various exercises.”

    Andrea Ong, Singapore Management University

  • “Jessica is warm and very encouraging during the workshop. Her enthusiasm in delivering the lesson is greatly appreciated.”

    Koh Huang Lee, Assistant Director, Leasing Business Unit, Singapore Management University

  • “This is the kind of Voice Coaching workshop I’ve been searching for! A very enjoyable workshop with an excellent coach and I believe this will change my life.”

    Jindy Young, Secretary, The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Singapore

  • “What I enjoyed most about The Voice Spa is the Speaker and her wealth of experience in this field – She is just FANTASTIC! An outstanding course!”

    Bhupinder Singh, Entrepreneur

  • “I really enjoyed the course tremendously and most important of all, I learnt the correct breathing techniques.”

    Amy Cheng

  • “This course is a self-discovery session for me; correcting common mistakes that many people commit in our daily speech.”

    Valerie Loy, Director of HR, Societe Generale, Corporate & Investment Banking



  • “This course is a ‘must’ for anyone who needs to express, present or sell any idea or product. It makes the job much easier.”

    Albertt Chiang, Real Estate



  • “I enjoyed the class thoroughly. Even though there were several of us in the class, each of us got personal coaching from Jessica.”

    Fong Chui Yee, National University of Singapore



  • “Changing the way you speak can turn you into a different, better person.”

    Choo Seow Fong, Accountant, AEA International Holdings



  • “I liked it that there were numerous examples and how Jessica was able to scientifically breakdown the components of speech and the mechanics of breathing to allow us to better understand how to practise.”

    Jimmy Sharp, Executive Director of Risk Management & Basel II, Fair Isaac Corporation (Asia Pacific/Japan)



  • “It was an eye opener, or ‘voice opener’.”

    Yogesh Bhalerao



  • “The Voice Spa is interesting and really captured all the main problems we face in voice.”

    Tracey Lim, Standard Chartered Bank, Sales



  • “Jessica showed in-depth knowledge and an animated presentation. I will definitely recommend this course to those who wants to make good impression through speaking and social engagement.”

    John Yip, Banker



  • “The Voice Spa is an excellent programme and I will continue the course and move on to the Intermediate programmes.”

    Kellyn Yeo, Sales Analyst, Tyco Fire and Building Products Asia


  • “The workshop is excellent! It is something that I’ve always wanted to attend. And it is enjoyable as the exercises allow us to understand what we are not doing right.”

    Ignatius Mah, Sales Representative



  • “It is good to have knowledge and information on vowels and phrasing, pauses, etc.”

    James Berentson



  • “The workshop is great and I really enjoyed the interactive and hands-on elements that are often missing in other courses.”

    Ng Yong Min



  • “The workshop is very informative. I enjoyed the articulation portion of the programme very much as it forces you to address pronunciation issues. I feel I have started listening to myself.”

    Yana Goh



  • “The contents in Voice Spa encourages me to use the techniques often in my presentations in future.”

    Charlie Cai, Manager, Microsoft (China) Corp. Ltd



  • “The setting is very cosy, and I enjoyed Jessica’s enthusiasm. The recording was very effective. Hearing my own voice was truly enlightening and made me aware of my weaknesses. I have also discovered some things that I didn’t know before and felt enlightened. Thanks!”

    Sheila Goh



  • “I enjoyed everything – the practise, the instant feedback, the tips, and the fun and laughter.”

    Eddy Neo, Regional HR Manager, W.R. Grace



  • “The course is very interactive and applicable to my job as a producer & host. It’s got yoga, speech, voice, etc, all in one. These 2 days of training will definitely make an impact on the way my stories are told. I’m sure of it! Thanks Jessica!”

    Mano Mahendra, Videographer & Host, MINDEF

  • “The lively participation and patience in correcting students' mistakes... is very satisfactory and above expectation. The workshop also offers practical tips for voice improvement.”

    Victoria Ko, Property Manager

  • “This workshop allows me to be aware of my voice personality... A new experience that cannot be learnt in school.”

    Terry Chang, Software Engineer, ST Electronics Pte Ltd 

  • “This is the first 'presentation' which did not make me feel sleepy after lunch!"

    Fong Sufen, Research Engineer

  • “It is very insightful to know that one can project his voice clearly with diaphragmatic breathing. Overall, it is a very valuable lesson on speaking with confidence.”

    Leslie Wong, Project Manager, Singapore Police Force

  • “Learning about the articulation and proper pronunciation of words, as well as the recording of our own mini-speeches, are definitely enjoyable. I enjoyed the training thoroughly and found it to be worth every single cent of investment.”

    Gary Guwe, Toastmaster/Entrepreneur

  • “I got to learn about my weaknesses and now know which areas I have to improve on. Overall, the course was inspiring and Jessica was the most engaging and enthusiastic coach I’ve ever came across. Kudos!”

    Nurhidayah, Tan Tock Seng Hospital Call Centre

  • “I'm very happy to have attended the programme as it showed me the cold reality of all the common mistakes that many of us have been making and also how easily these mistakes can be rectified through the simple exercises and tips presented by Jessica. Money well spent.”

    Celine Chung, Collections Manager, Singapore Cord Blood Bank

  • “I enjoyed all aspects of the programme, especially when we were internalising the exercises and tips that are essential for good voice and speech. A beautiful experience in cultivating our hidden talent.”

    Dr. Siti Maryam, Management, Darul Arqam Singapore

  • “Learning the correct postures and techniques have a great impact on my voice and speech clarity. This is a good and relevant workshop for my job.”

    Lim Siong Huat, Associate Director, Segment Marketing, Avnet Electronics Marketing

  • “It is good knowledge to learn the proper way of breathing... it helps one speak better and send better messages. On the whole, the workshop made me realise my weaknesses and enabled me to work on it and turn it into my strength.”

    Henri Koh, Barrister, Boncafe

  • “Great course! Class participation is the way to go! Jessica is very encouraging when participants make mistakes.”

    Darren Yong, Student

  • “The Voice Spa offers very useful, lifelong skills that can make a difference.”

    Garrick Tay, Supply Chain Manager, Coca Cola

  • “I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop, and more importantly, I got to learn about my weaknesses and the ways to improve on it.”

    Angeline Low, MINDEF

  • “Personal coaching during the session helped me to pick out specific errors such as verbal garbage.”

    Aaron Ee

  • “I love the exercise techniques, practice sessions. The trainer has a positive energy!”

    Ang Cheng Leng

  • “I enjoyed it. It is well-organised and the environment is great!”

    Lim Kok Boon

  • “There are a lot of effective and informative tips and tricks on presentations!”

    Corinne Ng

  • “I love the hands-on nature of the course, and the individual attention.”

    Goh Kai Shi, MINDEF

  • “Jessica is very engaging, she is able to address individuals’ speech issues.”

    Ng Jiahao

  • “Jessica is approachable and able tailor her knowledge to meet individual needs.”

    Charlotte, MINDEF

  • “Jessica is able to pick out intrinsic problems that participants themselves were unaware of.”

    Goh Kai Shi, MINDEF

  • “Inspiring, engaging, friendly and sincerely want to help her students”

    Eunice, Transit Link

  • “Very experienced, interesting stories to share.”

    Tyan, Business Development Director

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About Art of Voice™

Jessica SeetArt of Voice™ is proud to be Singapore’s first and only company specializing in Voice Coaching and Voice Training Programmes designed to promote Effective Communication for executives and professionals, developed by experienced broadcasters, emcees and theater actors.

Former radio broadcaster, newscaster & director at Mediacorp Singapore, Jessica Seet is the founder/CEO and principal coach of Art of Voice.

A veteran media professional whose 24 years experience include management & leadership roles, radio broadcasting, news reporting, emceeing, hosting, mentoring & coaching, as well as being a professional voiceover talent for ‘million dollar TV & radio advertising campaigns. Her voice was heard by millions on Singapore Airlines’ Safety Video for over 10 years!

Her unique team include fellow Public Speaking Professional Joe Augustin, Petrina Kow & Pree Damo, all former broadcasters with different areas of specialty.

Jessica & her team conduct both one to one executive voice and speech coaching as well as small group workshops. Their personal style & approach results in vibrant, energizing and inspiring sessions that captivate the imagination and leads to concrete results for the individual.

Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise as practitioners who live, breath and craft effective communication on a daily basis; coaching their clients to great success with precise, clear & powerful speech that creates the desired impact leaders desire as it has the power to influence!

So many individuals remain trapped by old, detrimental habits and communication patterns that hinder their personal and professional growth.

Art of Voice™ is dedicated and devoted to enabling you to “Unlock Your Hidden Voice™”.
To communicate distinctly with purpose and intent, to create an authentic human being who can move, motivate and inspire others!

Intern at Art of Voice!

Learn the in and outs of a business from writing a cheque, preparing for a workshop to brushing a cat! Yes, cats soothe the souls of stressed humans! That's why we have them at the office.

Things you'll learn:
- Basic Administration & Accounting
- Customer Service
- Answering phone & email enquiries

More fun stuff:
- Record your own demo!
- Free Training from the Broadcast, Emcee and Acting Pros.

We are looking for someone who has boundless energy, craves responsibility and with great initiative. Knowledge of Wordpress, Dreamweaver, Indesign and Photoshop would be an advantage. To apply, please email your CV & photo to clientrelations@artofvoice.com.

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Art of Voice™ Company Pte Ltd
Headquarters:8 Purvis Street,
#02-01, Singapore 188587
(Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
6883 2331

Why voice coaching?

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The King's Speech sparks
resurgence of elocution lessons
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King Speech

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Art of Voice™ supports Singapore Voice Day, 16 April!

Speaking up for Singapore Voice Day
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Friday, April 20